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Below are common help topics related to Bainbridge Manufacturing, Inc. and our plastic hardware products. If you have additional questions please give us a call 509-745-9555 or click here to contact us online.


Attention All Customers!

Bainbridge Mfg Inc. sells only to Wholesale Businesses. We must have a current resale certificate on file to process your order.

Minimum Orders
Bainbridge Manufacturing, Inc. has no minimum order amount. ​

Call 509-745-9555 for OEM Volume Pricing

Online Orders

Orders can be placed online using a credit card, our website accepts payment using MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover. Freight  is automatically calculated for the least expensive form of transportation. Businesses with time sensitive orders who wish to check existing inventory, obtain a ship date, expedite shipping, or ship orders on a company UPS or Fed Ex account should place orders by phone, email or fax. All orders are subject to approval.

Phone, Fax & Email Orders

If you do not wish to place your order online you can call 509-745-9555 Mon-Fri 7:30AM – 4PM PST or fax orders to 509-745-9666. Existing customers can contact us for information on submitting orders by email. Our plastic hardware specialists are happy to check stock, provide a scheduled ship date, expedite shipping, as well as assist with any questions. ​All orders are subject to approval.

Rush Orders

For rush orders shipped same day please call 509-745-9555 to place order and verify product is in stock and can be shipped same day. There is a $25.00 surcharge for this service, All orders are subject to approval.

Credit / Open Terms Account

To place orders on credit you must have an existing account approved by the Bainbridge Manufacturing, Inc credit department. If you are a business and would like to establish an open account with us please complete a credit application or call 509-745-9555. Applications can take an average of 10 to 15 days to process depending on how quickly your references respond. Typical terms of payment for approved accounts are 1% -10 days from date of invoice/Net 30 days. Finance Charge 1.5%/month on delinquent charges.

Shipping / Freight

Unless otherwise agreed to by BMI’s U.S. Office, all orders will be sent Freight Collect with all freight and related charges being billed to the recipient. Standard ground shipping charges for the Continental USA can be found below or for more info click here.

Online Ground Shipping & Handling Charges for Continental USA

Orders up to $49.99 = $10 shipping & handling
Orders $50.00 – $99.99 = $19 shipping & handling
Orders $100.00 – $499.99 = $35 shipping & handling
Orders $500.00 – $999.99 = $104 shipping & handling
Orders $1,000.00 – $1,999.99 = $206 shipping & handling
Orders $2,000.00 or more = $299 shipping & handling​

Phone, Fax, Or Email Shipping & Handling Charges 

Shipping charges will calculated at the time of invoicing.​

C.O.D. Shipments

We cannot prepay C.O.D. collection charges made by United Parcel or any other freight company. Orders shipped to existing customers who are not on an open terms account basis can be C.O.D. or prepayment can be made by credit card, we accept Visa & MasterCard.

International Payment & Shipments

All international invoices and shipments must be prepaid unless otherwise approved by BMI’s U.S. office.

Customs, Duties & Import/Export Documentation

Unless otherwise agreed to by BMI’s U.S. Office, the buyer shall bear all risk and expense of obtaining any documents by the country of delivery and/or origin for the purpose of exportation and/or importation (and where necessary for passage in transit through another country) including the cost of certificates of origin, export license and consular fees. The buyer shall also bear all costs and expense of any custom duties and taxes that may be levied by reason of export or import or in transit.

Standard Set-Up Charges

Custom Molding is $100.00 per run.
Non-Catalog Color is $50.00 per run.
Custom Color Match is $250.00 per color (one-time fee).


Unless otherwise agreed to by BMI’s U.S. Office, the buyer shall be responsible for procuring, at its own cost, insurance coverage against the risk of carriage of the goods and for coverage of any special risks against which the buyer requires coverage.

Delivery Shortages

All claims for shortage must be filed within 30 days after invoice date for the merchandise.


Prices are subject to change without prior notice. All special quotation prices are good for 30 days unless otherwise noted. All invoicing and quotations for costs, pricing and shipping charges relating to Bainbridge Manufacturing, Inc. are always U.S. currency.

Return Merchandise

No merchandise may be returned without prior authorization. Return goods are subject to restocking charges. Special order (non-catalog) items are non-returnable under any circumstances.


Exceptions to the General Policies outlined above may be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Limited Product Warranty

All parts sold by BMI are warranted to be free of defects in material or workmanship under normal use and service for a period of (1) year from date of shipment. If the product should fail under normal use and service because of such defect, we will replace it with a new one at no charge, provided the original is returned to our factory for inspection, transportation prepaid within (30) days after the defect is discovered. Our liability under this warranty is expressly limited to replacement of the product without charge, and in no event shall we be liable in any way for consequential, special or incidental damages.



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We are family owned and sell our proprietary line of cabinet hardware under the trade marked name of Cabinet Master®.

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